Zespół Kliniki okulistycznej Voigt podczas zabiegu laserowej korekcji wzroku

Our team

The success and safety of the procedure depends not only on the technology used. The experience and skills of specialists who plan and carry out the procedure are much more important.

The team at Voigt Klinika Oka consists of ambitious, educated and committed specialists whose mission is to repair the eyesight and comfort of life of the clinic’s patients.

Na zdjęciu trzy osoby z zespołu tuż po przeprowadzeniu zabiegu.

Meet our experts:

These people have already trusted us

  • Urszula Radwanska, tenisistka

    I would like to thank Mr. Piotr Voigt for professional ophthalmological help, which allowed me to play tennis without glasses and lenses.

    Urszula Radwańska

  • Kamil Majchrzak, tenisista

    At last I can see on the court without correction. Voigt Klinika Oka eliminated my vision defect in 24 hours. Awesome!!!!

    Kamil Majchrzak

    Top Polish tennis player, in the first hundred in the world

  • Jerzy Janowicz i Marta Domachowska, tenisiści

    Many thanks to Piotr Voigt for perfect correction of our sight defects. We wish you luck in the new clinic.

    Marta Domachowska & Jerzy Janowicz