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The history of the Voigt family and ophthalmology activities

The beginnings of operations in the optical industry in the Voigt family is dated back to the late nineteenth century.

However, the first entries preserved in the commercial books of the Royal City of Krakow come from 1910. The founder of the optical company, Helena Voigt, was a very entrepreneurial person and started, as the first in Krakow, the sale of ready-made glasses in metal frames, which she initially imported from Vienna. In 1928, she purchased a tenement house at 47  Floriańska  street  in Krakow, where one of the Voigt Optician branches is still located today. In this way one of the oldest optical companies in Poland and the oldest in Krakow was created. In the same year, Helena’s sons – Stanisław and Jan – were studying at the optical center in Jena, which was considered the cradle of European optics. Studying at a German school, followed by the Zeiss representation (binoculars, microscopes, magnifying glasses, etc.) and Leica (cameras) initiated the sale of optical aids. Voigt Optician was one of the three existing points that enabled the purchase of such specialized aids.

In 1978, a new chapter in the company opens with Piotr Voigt, son of Stanisław, who was the first in Poland to start the production and matching of hard contact lenses on a massive scale. In subsequent years, he opened the company’s branches in Chrzanów and Myślenice, and his wife Clivia opened optical stores at  Grodzka  Street and at the roundabout Mateczny.

2011 is the next breakthrough in the history of the Voigt family. Piotr and his family founded Voigt Medica, a modern ophthalmology center. The center which  strength was qualified optometrists, experienced doctors and the most modern equipment. He quickly found recognition among patients interested in laser vision correction, keratoconus treatment and cataract surgery.

Unfortunately, it turned out too soon that the investment made under a possible contract with the NFZ was wrong, because, as is often the case, the announced competitions for new contracts were postponed in 2011 for many years. So Piotr acquired a partner with whom, as is often the case, the roads diverged in mid-2018.

In this situation, Piotr Voigt and his family founded Voigt Eye Clinic at the beginning of 2019, which, in cooperation with the Innovative Center of the Jagiellonian University, creates on the map of Krakow and Poland, the most modern refractive correction center for vision defects and keratoconus treatment.

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  • Urszula Radwanska, tenisistka

    I would like to thank Mr. Piotr Voigt for professional ophthalmological help, which allowed me to play tennis without glasses and lenses.

    Urszula Radwańska

  • Kamil Majchrzak, tenisista

    At last I can see on the court without correction. Voigt Klinika Oka eliminated my vision defect in 24 hours. Awesome!!!!

    Kamil Majchrzak

    Top Polish tennis player, in the first hundred in the world

  • Jerzy Janowicz i Marta Domachowska, tenisiści

    Many thanks to Piotr Voigt for perfect correction of our sight defects. We wish you luck in the new clinic.

    Marta Domachowska & Jerzy Janowicz