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We offer you innovative treatments using a precise laser that is able to correct very complicated  cases without risk to the patient.


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Our clinic works on the AMARIS® 1050RS laser from Eye-tech Solution, which is an additional advantage when it comes to laser vision correction. This is the latest version of the excimer laser in the world. It has many additional options that ensure total safety during the procedure. The eye-tracker system allows you to track the movements of the eyeball, thanks to which the laser energy always works in the right place on the cornea. Cyclorotation is also taken into account, which occurs as a result of a change in the patient’s position from sitting (during the examination) to lying down (during the procedure). The laser has the iris scanning function, thanks to which the precision of the procedure is huge.

The complete safety of the procedure is also ensured by the system, which in the event of an unexpected situation (e.g. rapid eye movement) stops the lasering process and when the procedure continues, the laser will start its work exactly in the place where it interrupted.

A very important element of the laser’s work is also the fact that after evaporation of a part of the cornea and removal of the defect of vision follows the so-called polishing. In older types of lasers, the spots produced by the excimer laser energy left holes of the order of several microns, which after some time filled with cells. This process meant that the defect of vision could be to some extent converted. In case of the AMARIS® 1050RS laser its not possible because the spots are much smaller and the polishing of the cornea completely smooths the correction surface, which makes it impossible for the refractive error to go back.

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  • Kolorowy magazyn widziany wyraźnie przez okulary


    Laser vision correction

    Kolorowy magazyn widziany wyraźnie przez okulary

    Proprietary Voigt Eye Clinic (Piotr Voigt), which allows correction of large or complicated vision defects.

  • Okulary starszej osoby w rogowej oprawie


    Presbyopia correction

    Okulary starszej osoby w rogowej oprawie

    nnovative vision correction procedure for people over 40 years old. It allows modeling the cornea in such a way as to enable patients to see well from near and far.

  • Mężczyzna z nałożonymi okulistycznymi okularami probierczymi


    Keratoconus treatment

    Mężczyzna z nałożonymi okulistycznymi okularami probierczymi

    Several strategies of dealing with keratoconus. Not only cross-linking and intacs, but also a topoguided procedure.

These people have already trusted us

  • Urszula Radwanska, tenisistka

    I would like to thank Mr. Piotr Voigt for professional ophthalmological help, which allowed me to play tennis without glasses and lenses.

    Urszula Radwańska

  • Kamil Majchrzak, tenisista

    At last I can see on the court without correction. Voigt Klinika Oka eliminated my vision defect in 24 hours. Awesome!!!!

    Kamil Majchrzak

    Top Polish tennis player, in the first hundred in the world

  • Jerzy Janowicz i Marta Domachowska, tenisiści

    Many thanks to Piotr Voigt for perfect correction of our sight defects. We wish you luck in the new clinic.

    Marta Domachowska & Jerzy Janowicz