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Elimination of corneal scars

Learn about the indications for the procedure, its course and recommendations for patients, as well as contraindications to the procedure.

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Currently, the safest and most effective method of eliminating corneal scars is to remove them by laser, during a PTK (Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy) procedure.

Corneal scar removal is a procedure designed for patients whose corneas have been damaged by mechanical trauma (such as foreign body removal), inflammation, degeneration or dystrophy, resulting in scarring. Corneal scars, depending on their size and location, can significantly restrict vision and directly affect patients’ comfort.


What is the cornea of the eye and what is its function?

The cornea of the eye is the transparent, front part of the eyeball, which plays a key role in the vision process. It is one of the main optical structures of the eye, responsible for refracting light and focusing it on the retina. Thanks to its optical property, the cornea enables us to see sharply and clearly.

However, its functions are not limited to optics. The cornea also plays an important protective role, protecting the sensitive structures of the eye from external factors such as dust, dirt, bacteria and mechanical trauma. It acts as the first barrier to prevent these agents from entering the eye.

In addition, the cornea maintains the proper shape of the eye, which is important for its proper function. Its elasticity and resilience help maintain constant pressure inside the eyeball. Thus, optimal conditions are maintained for the proper functioning of the eye structures.

The cornea is not only an important optical element, but also plays an important role in maintaining transparency. Its ability to transmit light without significant scattering or absorption is essential for the bright and clear images seen by our eyes.


How do corneal scars form?

Corneal scarring can occur due to mechanical trauma (e.g., removal of foreign bodies), inflammation, degeneration or dystrophy.

  • Mechanical damage, such as a bump, cut, scratch or penetration of a foreign body into the eye, can damage the epithelial layer of the cornea, leading to a healing process that can cause scarring.
  • Eye infections, such as viral keratitis, pseudoglaucoma or ocular herpes, can also damage corneal tissues and cause inflammation, resulting in scarring. The most common cause of viral keratitis is improper use of contact lenses.


  • Corneal degeneration is a process in which there is a gradual weakening and loss of normal corneal structure and function. It can have various causes, such as hereditary corneal diseases such as retinal dystrophy or age-related processes such as macular degeneration. As a result of these processes, the cornea may undergo gradual thickening, keratinization, the formation of surface irregularities or changes in the structure of the corneal layers. These structural changes can lead to corneal scarring.
  • Corneal dystrophy is a group of genetic diseases that lead to gradual changes in the structure and function of the cornea. An example is Bowman’s dystrophy, in which abnormal proteins accumulate in the anterior layer of the cornea, which can lead to scarring. Scarring as a consequence of corneal degeneration or dystrophy can affect the quality of vision, leading to visual disturbances such as haze, distorted images or loss of visual acuity. In some cases, when scarring causes significant deterioration of vision or impedes daily function, medical intervention such as a corneal transplant may be necessary to improve visual function.

Laser removal of corneal scars

With the latest laser technology, it is possible to remove corneal scars of all types. First of all, central scars that significantly impair visual acuity are removed, but the procedure can also be performed on peripheral scars. The effectiveness of excimer laser scar removal (PTK procedure) depends on the depth and size of the scars.

Patient qualification for corneal scar removal is always based on an ophthalmologic examination. The procedure itself is performed under local anesthesia and takes a few minutes. It is completely painless. You can read more about the PTK method here: PTK method

When performing laser vision correction procedures at Voigt Eye Clinic, we maintain the highest safety standards for the proper functioning of the eye.

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