• Welcome to Voigt Eye Clinic

    Our facility combines many years of experience in laser ophthalmic procedures with the latest laser technology. Together with a team of experts, we invite you to visit us in Krakow.

    Piotr Voigt

    specialist in corneal biomechanics

    Piotr Voigt, optometrysta, specjalista biomechaniki rogówki w fartuchu z logo Voigt Klinika Oka

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    Sala zabiegowa Kliniki okulistycznej Voigt widziana przez bulaj w drzwiach
  • From diagnosis, through surgery, to better eyesight

    We carry out modern and reliable research that serves to make an accurate diagnosis. We try to easily explain complicated results to our patients. We also present the most effective treatment methods and strategies. The decision always belongs to the patient, but our role is to assist in making it.

    Barbara Górska


    Dyrektor medyczny Barbara Górska, specjalista chorób oczu

    Call us, we’ll answer your questions

    +48 537 553 553
    Zabieg laserowej korekcji wzroku widziany przez bulaj w drzwiach sali operacyjnej
  • Best practices for treatment – to be recommended

    Thousands of patients have already benefited from the innovative treatments of Piotr Voigt and his team. Including athletes for whom good vision is a matter of being or not being in the arenas.

    Apoloniusz Tajner

    ski jumper trainer

    Apoloniusz Tajner, trener i działacz sportowy

    Call us, we’ll answer your questions

    +48 537 553 553
    Zbliżenie na oko patrzące na tablicę okulistyczną Snellena
  • Urządzenie do laserowej korekcji wzroku AMARIS® marki Schwind w pustej sali za biegowej Voigt Klinika Oka
  • kobieta w okularach patrzy przez okno
  • Zabieg laserowej korekcji wzroku widziany przez bulaj w drzwiach sali operacyjnej
  • Rozległa siatka pęknięć na grubym szkle
  • Uśmiechnięta starsza para w okularach
  • Optometrysta Justyna Kobryń bada pacjenta
  • Okulary w rogowej oprawie leżące na drewnianej ławce

Our services

  • Laser vision correction
  • Correction of presbyopia
  • Keratoconus treatment
  • Corrective scars of cornea
  • AMD treatment
  • Other services
  • Examinations / Tests and prevention
  • Even large eyesight defects

    Years of experience with ophthalmic lasers for high reference centers have allowed us to develop effective and innovative strategies for correcting vision defects, even large ones. We invite you to qualify.

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  • Elimination of the need to wear glasses for near vision

    Presby MAX® – an innovative procedure for people in their forties. The maximum benefits of the procedure.

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  • Cross-linking and more

    We offer you a comprehensive strategy to fight keratoconus. We also support our crosslinking treatments by implanting corneal rings and we model the cornea to improve the effect. You can perform an accurate topography of the cornea with us.

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  • Unique procedure!

    Thanks to the new technology used with the AMARIS® 1050RS and FS200 lasers, all types of corneal scars can be removed. First of all, we remove central scars as well as peripheral ones. The effectiveness of scar removal depends on their depth and size. We maintain all safety standards for the proper functioning of the eye.

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  • 2RT laser inhibits AMD

    We have long experience with the 2RT laser, which stops the progress of age-related macular degeneration in our hands. Do not delay taking the therapy, the sooner it starts, the better the effect will be achieved.

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  • Diagnostics and ophthalmology

    We devote as much time to each patient as it requires. We explain the complexities and terminology of the eyesight disorder and support the selection of the best strategy to fight the disease.

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  • Corneal topography, OCT

    Problems with reading the print is a sign that it's time to devote time to your eyes. We research in our clinic in several different ways. This allows you to accurately diagnose your eyesight and take further steps.

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These people have already trusted us

  • Urszula Radwanska, tenisistka

    I would like to thank Mr. Piotr Voigt for professional ophthalmological help, which allowed me to play tennis without glasses and lenses.

    Urszula Radwańska

  • Kamil Majchrzak, tenisista

    At last I can see on the court without correction. Voigt Klinika Oka eliminated my vision defect in 24 hours. Awesome!!!!

    Kamil Majchrzak

    Top Polish tennis player, in the first hundred in the world

  • Jerzy Janowicz i Marta Domachowska, tenisiści

    Many thanks to Piotr Voigt for perfect correction of our sight defects. We wish you luck in the new clinic.

    Marta Domachowska & Jerzy Janowicz

  • Innovative technology in laser vision correction

    The Amaris 1050 laser is a technology fully developed and introduced in 2017. It gives a full guarantee of optimal and safe correction of any defect of the eye refraction.guarantee of optimal and safe correction of any defect of the eye refraction.

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  • Excimerowy laser okulistyczny AMARIS® 1050RS marki Schwind do laserowej korekty wzroku
  • Experience and tradition dating back to 1910

    As the only company we can demonstrate experience and tradition in optics and ophthalmology dating back to 1910, which was developed by the Voigt family

    Read about the history of the Voigt family