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VLASIK method

VLASIK® is the proprietary method of Peter Voigt, founder of Voigt Eye Clinic, which enables the correction of large or complicated visual defects. Read what the procedure consists of and the indications.

Metoda VLASIK laserowa korekcja wzroku w klinice Voigt

With our proprietary VLASIK® method, the range of correction is virtually unlimited. The VLASIK® procedure is also suitable for patients with thin corneas or large pupils.

The procedure itself is similar to the FEMTOLASIK method, while the difference is in the laser software, which we have developed from years of experience.

With this procedure, we primarily correct difficult and complicated vision defects. However, we use it for most cases of myopia and astigmatism due to its quality and lack of complications and immediate improvement in vision.

How does VLASIK laser vision correction work ?

Are you interested in this treatment?

At our clinic, experienced specialists take an individual approach to each patient. You are welcome to schedule a consultation.

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