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Laser Vision Correction in Krakow – Vlasik Method

July 26, 2022

What is laser vision correction with the Vlasik method?

VLASIK® is a proprietary method of laser vision correction developed by Piotr Voigt - owner of the Voigt Eye Clinic in Krakow, Poland, which enables the correction of large or complicated vision defects. The treatment procedure is similar to FEMTOLASIK (femtosecond laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. The main difference between these methods is in the programming and in the parameters for performing the treatment. These changes make The VLASIK method gives a better sense of contrast and induces less of the so-called "contrast". Optical aberrations i.e. halo effects, blurring and rays seen mainly around light sources.

The range of correction is virtually unlimited, while the ability to correct the defect fully depends on certain parameters of the eye, such as keratometry, pupil width and corneal thickness. The feasibility of the procedure and its scope is determined during a qualifying visit after all the necessary tests and measurements have been taken.

The VLASIK® procedure is also suitable for patients with a large visual defect, thin cornea, large pupil and flatter cornea so we welcome everyone regardless of the height of the visual defect!

How does the Vlasik laser vision correction procedure work?

The procedure itself is painless - the whole procedure takes about 10min. The VLASIK procedure is performed in several stages:

  1. anesthesia of the eye with special drops
  2. disinfection of the surgical field
  3. creation of a corneal flap using a femtosecond laser
  4. elevation of the corneal flap
  5. Photoablation of the exposed inner part of the cornea (stroma) with an excimer laser
  6. arrangement of the previously raised flap
  7. in some patients it is necessary to place a dressing lens

After the procedure, the patient goes home for the night. When the anesthetic drops stop working (usually after about 30-40min after the procedure), the patient may begin to feel stinging, itching, pain and photophobia of the operated eye usually accompanied by intense tearing. The above discomforts last about 3-4 hours and are usually relieved with generally available painkillers.

Contraindications to laser vision correction

  • active inflammation of the eyeball and orbit
  • severe dry eye syndrome
  • unstabilized visual defect
  • degenerative diseases of the cornea
  • cataracts affecting visual acuity
  • Advanced glaucoma with poorly corrected intraocular pressure or requiring surgical treatment

Is Vlasik laser vision correction reimbursed by the National Health Fund (NHF)?

Unfortunately, currently in Poland refractive surgery is not reimbursed by the National Health Fund, all types of procedures including VLASIK are performed only privately.