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Ophthalmic examinations

See what tests we perform at our clinic and when it’s worth doing them.

badania okulistyczne Kraków

Trouble with eyesight, burning and tearing of the eyes, their redness – these are in most cases the symptoms with which patients report to the ophthalmologist. Whereas For a basic eye exam, come in regularly! This can save us from really serious problems.

Eyes usually don’t hurt, so many times a visit is delayed until the ailment severely impedes life. However, people between 18. a 40. years of age should check in for an eye exam about every two years. After completing 40. year of age, it is worth going to the doctor every year – as the risk of the occurrence of, among other things, increases with age. cataracts and glaucoma. As recommended, of course, people with already diagnosed diseases and vision defects, wearing glasses or contact lenses, must visit an ophthalmologist.

Why are eyes worth examining regularly?

  • Vision problems can be detected early: Regular eye exams can help detect vision defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This makes it possible to correct these defects with glasses, contact lenses or laser vision correction.
  • Eye diseases can be diagnosed early: Regular eye examinations enable early detection of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration (AMD), retinal disease or dry eye. Early recognition of these conditions increases the chances of successful treatment and preservation of good vision.
  • You can control the course of diagnosed conditions: If you already have a diagnosed eye disease, regular eye exams allow you to monitor its progress and the effectiveness of treatment. In this way, appropriate adjustments can be made to strive for the best possible treatment results and avoid complications.

Ophthalmic examinations at Voigt Eye Clinic Krakow

Modern ophthalmology really has a number of methods for diagnosing eye diseases and defects. Importantly, in the vast majority of cases, these tests are non-invasive, painless and of short duration.

At Voigt Eye Clinic, our patients can have a standard eye exam on site. The tests are carried out using state-of-the-art equipment by experienced specialists. Let us take care of your eyes!

The tests we perform at our clinic:

  • OCT examination of the eye,
  • testing of distance visual acuity,
  • Close-up visual acuity testing,
  • Slit-lamp examination (biomicroscopy),
  • eye pressure measurement,
  • field of view,
  • corneal map.

Are you interested in eye examinations?

You are welcome to make an appointment.

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