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This is one of the most modern methods of laser vision correction. Read about its benefits, as well as the procedure and recovery.

Metoda Femtolasik - laserowa korekcja wzroku w klinice Voigt

The FEMTOLASIK method, also referred to as All-Laser LASIK, is a more modern and safer version of LASIK laser eye surgery.

The procedure is used to treat nearsightedness (up to -10 diopters), farsightedness (up to +4 diopters), astigmatism (up to 6 diopters), as well as to correct pres byopia in individual cases. During the procedure, two modern lasers are used – a femtosecond laser (light pulses lasting 10-15 seconds), which is used to prepare the corneal flap, and an excimer laser, which corrects the visual defect inside the cornea.

How does FEMTOLASIK laser vision correction work ?

Recovery after FEMTOLASIK procedure

The patient experiences an improvement in vision basically immediately after the operation, but the eyes are protected by special lenses for the rest of the day. Some discomfort, such as burning or stinging in the eye, may occur within 2-3 days after the procedure – but do not rub the eye or wash it with water. Also, be careful not to get soap or other cosmetics into the eye.




For best results, sunbathing, staying in smoky rooms and swimming in a pool should be avoided for about a month after FEMTOLASIK treatment. During sunny days, wear sunglasses and protect your eyes from UV radiation. Very hard physical work is also inadvisable.

Are you interested in this treatment?

At our clinic, experienced specialists take an individual approach to each patient. You are welcome to schedule a consultation.

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Why choose the FEMTOLASIK method?

FEMTOLASIK is one of the most modern methods of laser vision correction that is displacing the traditional LASIK procedure with each passing year. In the LASIK vision correction method, the corneal incision is made with a scalpel. During the FEMTOLASIK procedure, the incision is made using a femtosecond laser. The doctor is able to perform the operation with accuracy to the hundredth of a millimeter – the laser cuts the cornea much more precisely than a scalpel, the formed flap is much thinner and uses less tissue. For the patient, this means greater safety and a faster healing process.

FEMTOLASIK is a deep method that produces a corneal flap that is fused during rehabilitation. It has the advantage of being able to correct even large visual defects, as well as a short rehabilitation time after the procedure. The patient regains full visual acuity practically on the second day, so he can return to work or drive, and the improvement in vision is permanent.

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